Emmett Richmond
Emmett-richmond 209x250
Emmett talking to Elle




around 27 (Legally Blonde) unknown


United States


Professor (Legally Blonde 2)


Mr. Richmond
Mrs. Richmond


Vivan Kensington
Elle Woods]]

Love interests

Elle Woods

First Appearance

Legally Blonde

Last Appearance

Legally Blonde 2


Luke Wilson

Emmett Richmond is Elle's love interest (Legally Blonde), boyfriend and later husband in Legally Blonde 2.


Emmett is a nice guy and he will do anything to make Elle happy. He is helpful and forgiving, and is also quite resourceful and trustworthy.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He has a thick head of hair and an aftershave of facial hair. He has white smiley teeth.

Musical Edit

In the musical, he was surname was changed into Forrest. He helped Elle in her epiphany in Harvard. His background was introduced in the musical, he grew up in the Roxbury Slums with his mom and a series of bums. He got to law school by working two jobs in addition to class.

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