Chutney Windham is the secondary Antagonist in the film and the daughter of the deceased Hayworth Windham and the stepdaughter of Brooke Taylor-Windham

In the movie of Legally Blonde she has brown hair and eyes, and a frizzy perm. She is first seen when she is called in to testify in the courtroom.  

 Elle begins shakily while cross-examining Chutney, who testifies that she was home during her father's murder, but did not hear the gunshot because she was in the shower washing her hair after getting her hair permed earlier that day.

Elle gets Chutney to reconfirm her story, then reveals that washing permed hair within the first 24 hours would have deactivated the ammonium thioglycolate, and Chutney's curls are still intact.

Exposed, Chutney reveals that she accidentally killed Hayworth because she thought he was Brooke whom she hated for marrying her father at her age. Brooke is exonerated and Chutney is arrested.